Excel Facebook Analytics: Fan Page activity, likes & dislikes

Analyze likes and unlikes and other high-level fan page activity for your Facebook fan page in this useful Excel report. Save time and energy letting this powerful, ready-to-use report fetch your Facebook fan page activity data securely and automatically. See trends, patterns, correlations and anomalies in your fan page activity at a glance. Everything you [...]

Facebook Age and Gender of People Talking About This Fan Page

The number of people talking about the page, split demographically by age and gender. Name: facebook talking about this gender and age.xlsx Keywords: Facebook, talking about this, demographics, gender, age Download: facebook-talking-about-this-gender-and-age.xlsx

Facebook Fan Page Reach Demographics

Get age and gender demographics for your Facebook Fan page in this ready-to-use report. Age and gender information is clearly organized and illustrated in an Excel spreadsheet. See trends and anomalies in who your fan page reaches at a glance. NEXT fetches the information securely from Facebook and downloads it into Excel. Customize the look [...]