Landing Page Entrances and Bounce Rate

See your top landing pages (sorted by entrances) with their bounce rate compared to the site average. Download: ga-content-landingpage-bouncerate-vs-site-avg.xlsx

Top Content Bounce Rate vs Site Average

This widget shows how Next Analytics can compare a given metric to the site average, in this case for the top web pages by number of pageviews, comparing bounce rate to the site average. Download: ga-content-page-paths-vs-site-avg.xlsx

Google Analytics Landing Page Load Times and Bounce Rates

See which of your top landing pages are are slow to load or experiencing higher bounce rates. Stay ahead of trends by comparing to the previous period. Name: google analytics landing page load time and bounce rate.xlsx Keywords: Google Analytics, landing pages, bounce rate, page load time Download: google-analytics-landing-page-load-time-and-bounce-rate