Social Visits by Location

See which top countries and cities generated traffic and from your top social media sources. Download: ga-social-by-location Google Spreadsheet version

Excel Facebook Analytics: Fan Page activity, likes & dislikes

Analyze likes and unlikes and other high-level fan page activity for your Facebook fan page in this useful Excel report. Save time and energy letting this powerful, ready-to-use report fetch your Facebook fan page activity data securely and automatically. See trends, patterns, correlations and anomalies in your fan page activity at a glance. Everything you [...]

Google Analytics Top Cities for New and Returning Visitors

Is your geographic-segmented marketing working? Where should you invest your budget and energy? Is there a long tail? How big is the tail compared to the top ten? Name: google analytics top ten cities for new and returning visitors to your site.xlsx.xlsx Subject: widget Keywords: Top Ten cities by new and returning visitors (incudes sum [...]

Google Analytics in Excel: Next Analytics First Impressions

This report gives you a quick introduction top the capabilities of Next Analytics for reporting your Google Analytics data inside Microsoft Excel. Simply load and click the Next Analytics Refresh menu. Download: FirstImpressions-GoogleAnalytics.xlsx

Excel Web Analytics gets lead qualifying info from Google Analytics

Many organizations are mining their Google Analytics reports on a daily basis, feeding information to their sales staff about interest from potential customers. This report automates much of the work, freeing your staff from the mundane tasks of downloading and copying data. Download: DailyLeadsReport.xls