Report Estimated AdWords Cross Device Conversions in Excel

Create a custom report showing AdWords Estimated Cross Device Conversions using the power of Excel. Build a detailed report that analyzes what device your customer uses to find your site versus what device they use to complete a conversion. Organize your data in an Excel spreadsheet and see trends in an instant. Customize the report [...]

Display AdWords Conversion Rate in Excel

Use the power of Excel spreadsheet to uncover Conversion Rate trends in AdWords marketing campaigns. Create custom dashboards in Microsoft Excel that visualize important trends in your conversion rate data. Customize your report the way you like and then use NEXT to refresh your AdWords Conversion Rate data automatically. Share your results easily via automated [...]

Google Analytics Multi-Channel Funnel Dashboard

All the standard multi-channel funnel reports wrapped up into a nicely presented dashboard. Get total counts, a trend chart, channel contributions, top channel paths, and a breakdown by time lag and path length. Each query is clearly identified for easy customization. Download: google-mcf-dashboard.xlsx Supporting article: Google Analytics Multi-Channel Funnel Reporting

Compare Ad Groups by Revenue/Conversions from Google Analytics

See which ad groups are delivering higher conversion values or product sales. Compare this to the number of visits all on one chart. Name: google analytics revenue by ad group.xlsx Keywords: Google Analytics, conversions, ad groups, revenue Download: google-analytics-revenue-by-ad-group.xlsx

Excellent Landing Pages From Google Analytics

This report shows you which sources and their respective landing pages are your top performers. It displays both absolute metrics of entrances, pageviews, bounces and goal completions as well as per-visit averages for time on site, pages per visit, bounce rate and conversion rate. Download: Top-Landing-Pages.xlsx