Report Estimated AdWords Cross Device Conversions in Excel

Create a custom report showing AdWords Estimated Cross Device Conversions using the power of Excel. Build a detailed report that analyzes what device your customer uses to find your site versus what device they use to complete a conversion. Organize your data in an Excel spreadsheet and see trends in an instant. Customize the report [...]

Consolidated 6-in-1 Monthly Web Analytics Report

This workbook combines monthly versions of our Overview report, our Visitors with world map, Traffic sources overview, Content overview, eCommerce scorecard and What's changed reports into a single workbook that you can refresh all at once. Each of the overview charts also include dashed lines comparing the previous month's traffic. Download: MonthlyReport-GA.xlsm Updated for NEXT [...]

Google Analytics Ecommerce Scorecard

How's the overall health of your eCommerce? Is Revenue rising? Are transactions increasing? Are the conversions better than last period or last year? What was the average order value? Name: google analytics scorecard showing eCommerce metrics.xlsx.xlsx Subject: widget Keywords: Ready to Use eCommerce Scorecard Five Key Metrics Showing Current, Previous, Last Year Comparisons and Sparkline [...]

Google Analytics Number of Visits Until Ecommerce Transaction

How many visits do your website visitors make before they become customers? This widget shows how many visits they made before they purchased something. Name: google analytics visits to transaction.xlsx Keywords: Google Analytics, Ecommerce Download: google-analytics-visits-to-transaction.xlsx

Compare Ad Groups by Revenue/Conversions from Google Analytics

See which ad groups are delivering higher conversion values or product sales. Compare this to the number of visits all on one chart. Name: google analytics revenue by ad group.xlsx Keywords: Google Analytics, conversions, ad groups, revenue Download: google-analytics-revenue-by-ad-group.xlsx