8 Tips to Get More Out of Your Facebook Contests

If you’re thinking about running Facebook contests to get more eyeballs on your brand’s Facebook page, you’ll need a few tricks up your sleeve to do it right. So if you want your audience doing a lot more of this, follow some of our tips for Facebook contests below: Follow the rules: Stick to asking [...]

Metrics in Facebook Insights: Engagement by User

​​Page Post Engagement by User The number of people who clicked anywhere in your post without generating a story The number of people who took a negative action in your post (e.g., hid it) Number of unique people who are logged into Facebook and clicked on the CTA button, broken down [...]

Visitors Dashboard

This report is a snapshot of many popular metrics, including trend of visits (new and returning), proportion of new visitors to returning visitors, how many pages they look at, how long visitors stay on your site, how many times they return to your site, and how it's been since they last visited your site. It also provides a technical overview of [...]

Page Engaged Users

People that clicked anything on your page, and People that did not generate a story. Download: engaged-users.xls

Consolidated 6-in-1 Monthly Web Analytics Report

This workbook combines monthly versions of our Overview report, our Visitors with world map, Traffic sources overview, Content overview, eCommerce scorecard and What's changed reports into a single workbook that you can refresh all at once. Each of the overview charts also include dashed lines comparing the previous month's traffic. Download: MonthlyReport-GA.xlsm Updated for NEXT [...]

Excel Web Analytics shows Visitor Profile with Map!

A heat map is an excellent way to visualize the location of your website visitors at a glance. A heat map + other valuable visitor information from Google Analytics—now you’re talking. Heat map + other valuable visitor information from Google Analytics + minimal effort—well, that’s just plain awesome. This Excel dashboard includes a world map [...]