Use Excel to Analyze AdWords Assist Impressions in a Custom Report

Analyze all your AdWords Assist Impressions data in a single Excel spreadsheet. Combine AdWords Assist Impressions with Assist Clicks and Impression Assisted Conversion value in the same report for detailed insight into keyword performance. Use Excel features to customize your AdWords report and then ask NEXT Analytics to batch refresh your data automatically. No more [...]

NEXT Analytics and Tableau: Twitter Word Cloud

Combine NEXT Analytics and Tableau to create a Twitter Word Cloud. NEXT can create a Word Cloud for any Twitter screen name. This article will take you step-by-step through using NEXT Analytics and Tableau together to create a Twitter Word Cloud that you can customize and refresh on demand. Make one Word Cloud to visualize [...]

Twitter Hashtag Analysis

Analyze Twitter hashtags easily using this dashboard from NEXT Analytics. Type in any hashtag—your own, your friend’s or your competitors—to automatically get an Excel list of Twitter profile that have used the hashtag recently. That means you’ll know who is using the hashtag and how influential they are based on the number of followers they [...]

Consolidated 6-in-1 Monthly Web Analytics Report

This workbook combines monthly versions of our Overview report, our Visitors with world map, Traffic sources overview, Content overview, eCommerce scorecard and What's changed reports into a single workbook that you can refresh all at once. Each of the overview charts also include dashed lines comparing the previous month's traffic. Download: MonthlyReport-GA.xlsm Updated for NEXT [...]

Google Analytics Top Keywords of New and Returning Visitors

What are new visitors searching for when they land on your site? What are returning visitors searching for? What's popular with both new and returning? Use this to optimize your content and messaging. Name: google analytics top keywords used by new and returning visitors to your site.xlsx.xlsx Subject: widget Keywords: Top keywords of new and [...]

Google Analytics Top Keywords for Visitors to Your Site

Optimize your content and messaging by knowing what people were searching for when they landed at your site. Name: google analytics top keywords used by people when they landed on your site.xlsx.xlsx Subject: widget Keywords: Keywords people were using when they landed at your site Download: google-analytics-visit-depth-number-of-page-views1.xlsx

Google Analytics Excel: Keyword Tag Cloud

Use a Keyword Tag Cloud to visualize what keywords bring people to your website. It’s easy, simple, and fast. Keyword Clouds aren’t just a trendy way to visualize data. These little beauties offer valuable insight that can help you improve your Google AdWords campaigns. Customize your Tag Cloud just the way you like it, and [...]

Google Analytics in Excel: Next Analytics First Impressions

This report gives you a quick introduction top the capabilities of Next Analytics for reporting your Google Analytics data inside Microsoft Excel. Simply load and click the Next Analytics Refresh menu. Download: FirstImpressions-GoogleAnalytics.xlsx

Excel Web Analytics gets lead qualifying info from Google Analytics

Many organizations are mining their Google Analytics reports on a daily basis, feeding information to their sales staff about interest from potential customers. This report automates much of the work, freeing your staff from the mundane tasks of downloading and copying data. Download: DailyLeadsReport.xls