Facebook Any Page Posts and Comments

Use NEXT Analytics with this workbook to easily download the Facebook messages and comments for any fan page. Download: facebook-any-page-posts-comments-and-likes2.xlsx

Facebook Fan Page Messages Likes Comments For Any Fan Page

How many messages by admin and fans are on a wall? How many likes were there for messages? How many posts received comments? Name: facebook fan page messages likes and comments for ANY PAGE.xlsx.xlsx Subject: widget Keywords: How many messages by admin and fans are on a wall? How many likes where there for messages? [...]

Facebook Trend of Posts on Any Fan Page

Monitor any fan page and see a trend of the number of messages posted by admin and the fans. Name: facebook see trend of posts FOR ANY PAGE.xlsx.xlsx Subject: widget Keywords: Trend of Posts on ANY Fan Page - See Posts by Admin and Fans Download: facebook-see-trend-of-posts-FOR-ANY-PAGE.xlsx

Facebook Posts Comments and Likes to Any Wall Page

Measure an audience's reaction to wall page posts (It doesn't need to be your own site). Learn what people are saying, know what messaging works best. Name: facebook get list of posts comments and likes FOR ANY PAGE.xlsx.xlsx Subject: widget Keywords: ANY Fan Page Posts and Comments and Likes Download: facebook-get-list-of-posts-comments-and-likes-FOR-ANY-PAGE.xlsx

Facebook Posts and Comments in Excel

Download Facebook posts, comments, users data from any public fan page or group.  Also gives you Instagram and Twitter downloads! Unlimited Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter Downloads for just $19.95/month (billed monthly, unsubscribe any time) Want to see how it's done? Watch these videos for Windows users Want to see how it's done? [...]

Facebook Message Likes, Comments and Impressions

This Excel report shows your most recent Facebook fan page messages with the number of Likes, comments and impressions per message. All messages are listed by descending date, with the names of the authors and the titles of any attachments. Download: FacebookMessageAnalytics.xls

Excel Analytics shows your valuable metrics about Facebook Fan Pages

Excel Facebook Analytics shows number of fans who "Liked" a fan page and most-liked messages on a wall. Check your own or competitors' pages with it. Facebook contains a wealth of information that Next Analytics delivers to your spreadsheet. Get a quick count of the number of fans that have "Liked" your fan page. Download: [...]