Google Analytics Mobile Effectiveness Report

Analyze the behaviour of your mobile visitors against those on non-mobile devices in this simple, useful report. The Google Analytics Mobile Effectiveness Report has everything you need at a glance to determine how well your mobile visitors engage with your site. Don’t waste time wading through Google Analytics. Let NEXT Analytics gather the data from [...]

Mobile Device Report for Google Analytics

See how mobile devices are taking over your website traffic with this 12-month report. Quickly see the number of visits per month from mobile and non-mobile devices. Also see how the top devices for the year have shifted from month to month. Download: ga-mobile-device-report.xlsx

Mobile Devices

See which mobile devices your visitors are using (sorted by visits).  Keep on top of the trends and make sure your visitor's experience is a good one. Download: ga-visitors-mobiledevices.xlsx

Visits from Mobile Devices

Download: ga-visitors-mobile-trend.xlsx * note: as of June 19, 2012, Google does not yet publish a list of mobile devices through the API as they appear in the web interface.