Visits Weekly Scorecard

Display the current week's core metrics to the previous week, the same week of the previous year, and see a full 53 week trend for each metric. Download: ga-visitors-scorecard-week.xlsx Google Spreadsheet version updated 2012-08-09

Visits Trend

Includes comparisons to previous period and the previous year. Download: ga-visitors-month-trend.xlsx

Consolidated 6-in-1 Monthly Web Analytics Report

This workbook combines monthly versions of our Overview report, our Visitors with world map, Traffic sources overview, Content overview, eCommerce scorecard and What's changed reports into a single workbook that you can refresh all at once. Each of the overview charts also include dashed lines comparing the previous month's traffic. Download: MonthlyReport-GA.xlsm Updated for NEXT [...]

Google Analytics Compare Any Metric Any Dimension to Prior Periods

How is your favorite dimension doing against your favorite metric compared to previous period? How about year ago? Name: google analytics get ANY metric by ANY dimension and see values for current previous year-ago.xlsx.xlsx Subject: widget Keywords: Choose ANY metric and ANY dimension and see how it compares to previous period, and same period a [...]

Google Analytics Dashboard Metrics Compared to Prior Period

  Get a sense of overall web site health by looking at how these five key metrics change from period to period. Each of the common key metrics are shown, with the current and previous calendar month's values, plus the percentage change. In the sample worksheet, conditional highlighting is applied to display the change in [...]