Metrics in Facebook Insights: People Talking About This

People Talking About This Page Stories "People talking about this" The number of stories created about your Page (Stories) The number of people sharing stories about your page ('People Talking About This' / PTAT). These stories include liking your Page, posting to your Page's Wall, liking, commenting on or sharing one [...]

Getting Facebook Insights Data into Excel

Build custom dashboards in Excel to display and analyze Facebook Insights data. Since NEXT Analytics supports the Facebook API, it’s easy to analyze your Facebook fan page and more in a custom report with NEXT Analytics. Unlimited Facebook profiles, unlimited Facebook accounts. Discover trends, correlations, patterns and outliers quickly and make evidence-based decisions about your [...]

Facebook Fan Page Monthly Counts

Analyze any Facebook Fan Page activity with this useful monthly report. Get the number of Facebook posts, comments, likes and shares for this month, and how this month’s numbers compare to last month. It’s the ultimate month-over-month comparison of Facebook fan page engagement. The best part is—it’s automatic. Refresh the numbers as often as you [...]

Facebook Any Page Posts and Comments

Use NEXT Analytics with this workbook to easily download the Facebook messages and comments for any fan page. Download: facebook-any-page-posts-comments-and-likes2.xlsx