Social Traffic Summary

View this quick summary of social traffic for your website. Comes with month-over-month and week-over-week change values. Download: ga-social-traffic-details Google Spreadsheet version

Social Traffic Versus Other Segments

Compare key metrics for website traffic from social media sources versus the other visitor sources in this one report. Download: ga-social-versus-other-segments Google Spreadsheet version

Blog Article Popularity

See which of your recent blog articles get traffic from search, which are a hit on social media, and which are popular with your newsletter readers. Shows only the URLs that contain typical blog /year/month/ combinations (…/2013/02/…), so you only see the articles. Download: ga-blog-article-popularity

Social Network Versus Total Traffic

View a trend of the social versus total traffic to your website. Social visits are shown as both visit count and as a percentage of the total traffic. Download: ga-total-and-social-visits Google Spreadsheet version

Social Media Overview

Get a quick snapshot of your social media traffic, contrasting visits versus pageviews per visit, with the bubble size indicating time on site. Information is also displayed in tabular form. Download: ga-social-media-overview Google Spreadsheet version

Visits from Social Media Channels

This report shows a breakdown of website traffic from social media channels over time, as well as totals for the period. Download: ga-social-channels Google Spreadsheet version

Social Visits by Location

See which top countries and cities generated traffic and from your top social media sources. Download: ga-social-by-location Google Spreadsheet version

Visits by Social Channel

Put visits from social media in context. Report on the top social channels for the period as a percentage of total daily visits. Download: ga-visits-by-social-channel

Website Traffic From Social Networks

See which social networks are sending you the most traffic this month and see how that has changed sine the previous period. Download: ga-sources-socialnetworks-month.xlsx