Use Excel to Analyze AdWords Assist Impressions in a Custom Report

Analyze all your AdWords Assist Impressions data in a single Excel spreadsheet. Combine AdWords Assist Impressions with Assist Clicks and Impression Assisted Conversion value in the same report for detailed insight into keyword performance. Use Excel features to customize your AdWords report and then ask NEXT Analytics to batch refresh your data automatically. No more [...]

Hot Blog Articles by Week

See which blog article was getting the most visits for each of the past 13 weeks. Hover the mouse over the line in the Excel chart to see the blog Url. Shows only the URLs that contain typical blog /year/month/ combinations (.../2013/02/...), so you only see the articles. Download: ga-hot-blog-articles

Visits from Social Media Channels

This report shows a breakdown of website traffic from social media channels over time, as well as totals for the period. Download: ga-social-channels Google Spreadsheet version

Visitors Dashboard

This report is a snapshot of many popular metrics, including trend of visits (new and returning), proportion of new visitors to returning visitors, how many pages they look at, how long visitors stay on your site, how many times they return to your site, and how it's been since they last visited your site. It also provides a technical overview of [...]

Mobile Device Report for Google Analytics

See how mobile devices are taking over your website traffic with this 12-month report. Quickly see the number of visits per month from mobile and non-mobile devices. Also see how the top devices for the year have shifted from month to month. Download: ga-mobile-device-report.xlsx

Website Traffic From Social Networks

See which social networks are sending you the most traffic this month and see how that has changed sine the previous period. Download: ga-sources-socialnetworks-month.xlsx

Visits from Mobile Devices

Download: ga-visitors-mobile-trend.xlsx * note: as of June 19, 2012, Google does not yet publish a list of mobile devices through the API as they appear in the web interface.