Visits Weekly Scorecard

Display the current week's core metrics to the previous week, the same week of the previous year, and see a full 53 week trend for each metric. Download: ga-visitors-scorecard-week.xlsx Google Spreadsheet version updated 2012-08-09

Visits Weekly Scorecard 2017-02-12T13:07:01+00:00

Visits Trend

Includes comparisons to previous period and the previous year. Download: ga-visitors-month-trend.xlsx

Visits Trend 2017-02-12T13:07:01+00:00

Visits Overview Trend

A trending overview of the key audience metrics. Download: ga-visitors-month-summary.xlsx

Visits Overview Trend 2017-02-12T13:07:01+00:00

Calendar View

Shows percent of peak visits by default, but you ca choose any metric and it will determine the highest value and display everything as a percentage of that peak value. Download: ga-visitors-calendar-view.xlsx

Calendar View 2017-02-12T13:07:02+00:00

Excel Facebook Analytics: Fan Page activity, likes & dislikes

Analyze likes and unlikes and other high-level fan page activity for your Facebook fan page in this useful Excel report. Save time and energy letting this powerful, ready-to-use report fetch your Facebook fan page activity data securely and automatically. See trends, patterns, correlations and anomalies in your fan page activity at a glance. Everything you [...]

Excel Facebook Analytics: Fan Page activity, likes & dislikes 2017-02-12T13:07:03+00:00

Consolidated 6-in-1 Monthly Web Analytics Report

This workbook combines monthly versions of our Overview report, our Visitors with world map, Traffic sources overview, Content overview, eCommerce scorecard and What's changed reports into a single workbook that you can refresh all at once. Each of the overview charts also include dashed lines comparing the previous month's traffic. Download: MonthlyReport-GA.xlsm Updated for NEXT [...]

Consolidated 6-in-1 Monthly Web Analytics Report 2017-02-12T13:07:03+00:00