Google Analytics Dashboard Parts Trends and Comparisons

Are you building a scorecard for overall web site health? Chances are you need these metrics. Nice to be able to compare to last month in one condensed visual. Name: google analytics micro-widgets showing key metrics with sparklines net change and growth as well as month by month trend.xlsx.xlsx Subject: widget Keywords: Re-usable parts to [...]

Google Analytics Any Metric Over Any Time Period

Display any metric over any time period. Compares the current period to the previous period and same period last year. Use any of three common sample presentations included: as a mini-chart, as a scorecard row, or as a major page element. Name: google any metric any time period.xlsx Subject: widget Download: google-any-metric-any-time-period.xlsx

Google Analytics Trend of Any Metric

Looking to monitor how a metric is trending? Name: google analytics trend of ANY metric.xlsx.xlsx Subject: widget Keywords: Use this Widget to Get a Trend of ANY Metric over ANY Date Range Download: google-analytics-trend-of-ANY-metric.xlsx

Google Analytics New Versus Returning Visits

Know the effectiveness of your promotions by measuring the proportion of new versus returning visitors for each day, as well as watching the trend. Name: google analytics trend of new versus returning visitors.xlsx.xlsx Subject: widget Keywords: Google Analytics: New vs returning web site visitors Download: google-analytics-trend-of-new-versus-returning-visitors.xlsx

Google Analytics New Versus Returning Visitors with Prior Period

Is your marketing working? Are the proportion of new visitors changing ? By day? What's the overall trend? Name: google analytics trend of new versus returning visitors with previous period.xlsx.xlsx Subject: widget Keywords: Google Analytics Trend of New Versus Returning Visitors Download: google-analytics-trend-of-new-versus-returning-visitors-with-previous-period.xlsx

Facebook Fan Page Viral Reach By Story Type

  The number of people who saw a story about your Page by story type. These stories include liking your Page, posting to your Page's Wall, liking, commenting on or sharing one of your Page posts, answering a Question you posted, RSVPing to one of your events, mentioning your Page, phototagging your Page or checking [...]

Facebook Insights Page Views Daily

What's the comparison of unique visitors to repeat visitors? This widget displays trends to give you a sense of the loyalty and engagement to your page. Name: facebook fan page daily page views daily unique page views.xlsx.xlsx Subject: widget used to build your dashboards Keywords: Facebook Fan Page - Daily Page Views, Daily Unique Page [...]

Facebook Insights Page Media Consumption

Plan your messaging better if you know what media is the most popular. Are there spikes or dips in days of the week or month? How did they do comparatively? Name: facebook fan page media consumption video audio photo.xlsx.xlsx Subject: widget used to build your dashboards Keywords: Facebook Fan Page Media Consumption - Video, Audio, [...]

Facebook Insights Page Content Feedback-Likes Comments Unsubscribes

For measuring your marketing on a day-by-day basis, monitors likes, unsubscriptions, and comments on your posts. Name: facebook daily likes number of comments number of unsubscribes.xlsx.xlsx Subject: widget used to build your dashboards Keywords: Facebook Daily Likes, Number of Comments, Number of Unsubscribes Download: facebook-daily-likes-number-of-comments-number-of-unsubscribes.xlsx

Facebook Insights Page Daily Likes

For measuring your marketing, this widget monitors likes/unlikes and their net totals. Name: facebook fan counts each days likes unlikes net likes.xlsx.xlsx Subject: widget used to build your dashboards Keywords: Facebook Fan Counts - Each Day's Likes, Unlikes, Net Likes Download: facebook-fan-counts-each-days-likes-unlikes-net-likes.xlsx