Facebook Insights Fan Page Like Sources

Where are your fans coming from? Add this to your dashboard to see what your optimal message placement and content should be. Displays sum totals as well as trends. Name: facebook fans sources suggestions likebox profile search requests and more.xlsx.xlsx Subject: widget used to build your dashboards Keywords: Facebook Fans - Sources - Suggestions, Likebox, [...]

Facebook Trend of Posts on Any Fan Page

Monitor any fan page and see a trend of the number of messages posted by admin and the fans. Name: facebook see trend of posts FOR ANY PAGE.xlsx.xlsx Subject: widget Keywords: Trend of Posts on ANY Fan Page - See Posts by Admin and Fans Download: facebook-see-trend-of-posts-FOR-ANY-PAGE.xlsx

Excel Analytics Shows Trend and Patterns in Time and Day of Week

The data comes from Google Analytics, which is tracks the visits of your web site. You can use information like this to tune your advertising to suit your audience. Stop wasting money on off-peak hours and focus your ad budget for when you know you get the most visits. Download: TimeOfDay-DayOfWeek.xlsx

Excel Web Analytics shows Trends of Your Website Traffic Sources

This dashboard workbook combines both long-term trends and multiple segmentation in an easy-to-read report. The top sources, from all mediums, are tracked over a thirteen month period. A summary of traffic by medium is included with percentage change over the previous month. Download: TrafficSourcesTrends

Excel Web Analytics lets you explore your Google Analytics data

When you just want to have a look around to see what is changing in your web site traffic, this dashboard provides a simple interface that lets you explore from the comfort of your spreadsheet application. Choose from a long list of dimensions, a wide range of metrics, and time periods from days to weeks [...]