YouTube Demographics Breakdown Report

See the demographics (age and sex) of the people who are watching your YouTube videos or channels in a customizable, refreshable report in Excel or in the Cloud NEXT analytics will fetch important demographic information about your YouTube audience. Just click on a button below (desktop or cloud product), authorize NEXT for YouTube, then click [...]

YouTube Daily Views by Traffic Source

A refreshable YouTube report showing daily YouTube views by traffic source in Excel or in the Cloud Which traffic source yields the most views of your YouTube videos?  This report will tell you.  Traffic sources include YouTube search, suggested videos, annotation, YouTube playlist page, YouTube channel, advertizing, playlist, notification, or other source.  All the data [...]

YouTube Interest by Source

See where your viewing traffic comes from and how it has changed over time. Download: youtube-interest-by-source.xlsx

YouTube Trending Videos

See your top videos this month and how they fared over the past year. Download: youtube-viewers-by-month.xlsx

YouTube Player Location Report

See where people are watching your videos from: your channel, on their mobile, embedded in a web page or are they watching right off the YouTube site. Download: youtube-profile-player-location.xlsx